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RuneScape - Go back to the village on Solar Isle

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RuneScape - Go back to the village on Solar Isle has not posted anything yet
Start date 24-November-2021 - 08:54
End date 31-December-2021 - 08:54
  • Description

    You'll be escorted into the Sayanionas Lair. They are aggresive, and they will swat you. You should avoid the room that is filled with Baby Sayanionas who are at levels 25 and above. They're useless in this moment. Run past the Lesser Sayanionas, until you get to a room that has Greater Sayanionas. These are at level 90 and are difficult to eliminate.

    Keep your protection from Melee on, and then fill it up with prayer pots. You can take the horn once it has passed away. Grind it up with a pestal and mortar. It will become the ground of Sayaniona's Horn. Then, you'll need water.

    Go back to the village on Solar Isle, and go into the Cheiftain's cabin. There's a ladder that goes up, and one going down. Take the rubble pile and then climb the ladder. Rub the rubble with your finger to obtain an Enchantment Rock. Pick up a pickaxe to take magical dust from the chest at the west corner. Then climb up the ladder and up the other ladder. Fill the vial with Water of the Ancients. The vial of Magic Water is complete when you add the magic dust.

    It is now time to mix your herbs according to the sequence in the scroll. 3 Sunbleached Herbs, 1 Sunset Herb, Ground Sayaniona's Horn. You will get a vial Enchanted Posion. It is a great addition to the Sunrisen Staff. The Solarus Staff will be given to you. It is the only weapon that is able to kill Ethernals. Then, speak to the Cheiftan again.

    Did you create the weapon to kill Ethernals? Yes, I did! Excellent. Follow the map, and you'll be back with me and the Ethernal’s staff. Follow the map, and you will get to the frozen trapdoor. Use the Solarus Staff with it, and the trapdoor will open. Helm of Netizot, or Dragon Med/Full Helm/Barrows Helm (Verac-Dharok-Guthan) Amulet of Glory/Amulet of Fury. Dragon Gloves/Family Crest Gauntlets(e)/Barrows Gloves. Dragon Boots/Barrows Bandos Boots/Boots. Dragon Platemail/Dharok-Verac-Guthan Platemail/Dragon Chainbody Dragon Platelegs/Dharok-Verac-Guthan Legs.

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