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Here's what I used to do: 5 Fruit trees

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Here's what I used to do: 5 Fruit trees has not posted anything yet
Start date 14-December-2021 - 10:13
End date 31-December-2021 - 10:19
  • Description

    It was able to bring the Pest Queen down to half once more, but had issues using Kyatt, didn't seem to want to pounce when you clicked the spec bar. Died due to lagg. 3rd attempt: D'hide legs/top, other armour the same. Inv: 5 sara brews, 4 super restores, ambush scrolls, Kyatt.

    Pest Queen down to half, which is not in line with the specs attempted to get the defilers stuck behind Queen which ended up being owned by 4 defilers. Exiled. 4. Attempt 4: Same as attempt 3. Inv: Praypots, boulders, Kyatt. Inv: Ran out of spec. food cost 3/4 Queen health, had trouble finding a defiler. killed 3 rangers.

    There is a problem with my attack. I've got 80 with the 83 str (almost an 84) and 80 defense. So what I'd like to find out is if there's another way, other than herbal lore with a higher level, that I can restore spec attack back to sword? Is using a tort for extra food a better alternative over spirirt kyatt? Because the kyatt doesn't seem to be able to hit when it attacks, and isn't keen to pounce whenever I press the special attack option.

    Is a bunyip a viable alternative? Have you tried maging/ranging your queen (I am using 90 mage, 75 range)? What is the best combination of armour? (Karils is an option for me) Are there any safespots that are away from the Queen from the beginning so that I can concentrate on defilers? Is the Queen weak to attack, slash or crush? It's a lot of questions, but I'd like the sword right now! I'm grateful for any assistance.

    I'm trying to figure out, what is the best way to reach 70? I'm doing papayas and yews at the moment, but from my research, it's not the best idea. Also, roughly How many runs Wood trees+Fruit trees will it take to get there since I'm too ignorant to do herb runs.

    Herb runs are the ones which generate income. If you don't want to be a GF for your bank also, you can do herb runs and simply do them every so often, and if you're not feeling up to it, take care of them alongside the other trees. Regular trees can be done at least twice per day, but it's all up to you.

    Here's what I used to do: 5 Fruit trees (Papaya), 5 Regular tree (Maple). Regular: Lumbridge, Varrock, Gnome Stronghold, Falador, Taverly. The fruit: Juju Place (Buy a Juju spiritbag and then run straight south. There's a fruit area for the trees), Gnome stronghold, Catherby (theres an herb patch to the right of the route FFS), Brimhaven (Take the boat from Ardy), And Gnome Stronghold. Tree Gnome Stronghold. Supercompost the regular trees as well as pay for ALL trees. Making payments to farmers who remove regular trees for you can also save time.

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