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RuneScape - Guthix didn't experience this as you're sure

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Start date 02-November-2021 - 11:10
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    He then restores Gielinor and allows it to rest in peace. Are you interested in knowing why I believe that Gods cannot be dead? I will tell you my own theory about the matter: I believe godship is only one aspect of something larger, I think regardless of whether their bodies pass away their minds are still in existence, for instance: Now, Guthix has died, however, the mind in the Gielinor remains in the balance. Guthix is able to live as long as Zamorak, Saradomin and Zadomin keep Good and Evil in balance. Guthix is not likely to die if there are balance.

    Guthix is God Of Nature, so he could also kill half. Gods can take over nature completely and that would mean Guthix could be half-dead. Everyone knows that Zaros got killed, and now is back, so what is the reason Guthix could not be doing the same? Guthix is even more powerful than Zaros. I'm hoping someone reads this and comprehend what I'm talking about. Because I'm trying to bring Guthix back home to Gielinor. If you think this is true, Please add me to RuneScape to your friend list. My character's name is One Ley.

    If he falsified the whole The World Wakes scenario with Sliske's assistance, then he certainly passed away. Guthix was the strongest of all the "normal" Gods, primarily because of his exposure to the Stone of Jas powers. However, it is reasonable to believe that he's lost a lot of that power after being isolated for years. Guthix was not powerful enough to carry out these kinds of heists in the time.

    Because of two factors, I strongly doubt that he survived death in a similar manner to Zaros. First, Zaros' body is different to Guthix. Second, Zaros probably killed Guthix's body. Thirdly Zaros probably turned his body to pure energy in an effort to avoid dying.

    Guthix didn't experience this as you're sure. Gielinor also had other experiences that proved he did actually die, such as the divination craters said to be the result of the Anima Mundi itself mourning for Guthix.

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