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Bob Watson Service Centre is dedicated to providing top quality auto mechanical repairs and maintenance services to our customers across Hawthorn East.

A logbook service is a comprehensive service that involves examining and servicing your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification.

Bob Watson Service Centre handles everything and keeps your car running smoothly.

At Bob Watson Service Centre, we have certified mechanics who are well-trained and authorised to repair vehicles of all makes and models as per manufacturer’s specifications.

Bob Watson Service Centre, we help vehicle owners across Hawthorn East with their roadworthy certificate needs.

Buying a pre-owned car can offer you the same luxury and comfort without having to spend a huge amount, but there are possibilities of paying more than the worth of the car.

When it comes to brakes and clutches, the frequency at which you brake and the way you drive will have a huge impact on their lifespan.

Car air conditioning service would become vital if there is an issue with the air conditioning system of the vehicle.

Nowadays, cars come with complex direct-shift gearboxes. Most car manufacturers install DSG gearboxes for increased speed and to switch gears fastly.

If your car makes any strange noise, it could be your vehicle’s exhaust system that is malfunctioning.