Path of Exile Heist Flashback Event is in full swing

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GGG released three epic events in December to temporarily replace the POE 3.13 expansion to bring players a fresh game experience in time. The current ongoing event is also the last of the three epic events, named Heist Flashback Event. In the early stages of these activities, players are not optimistic about the highlights of these temporary activities. It’s only now that they have realized that it has given them a rich sense of excitement and a vast amount of POE Currency, which just happens to use in the upcoming new expansion.

But for those players who have just joined Path of Exile recently, they haven’t fully experienced the fun of Heist Flashback Event. The event is about to end. When the game team released it on the 18th of this month, it stated that the duration of the event would exceed the sum of the two previous events, which means it will last for three weeks until GGG releases new expanded information. The event and the Heist League are not a primary-secondary relationship, but two independent individuals.

When the old players entered this event, they thought they didn’t need to create new characters, but they did. Players of any strength need to start again in this event, which is also the performance of the game team to maintain the balance of strength between the players. We can say it to be an epic event composed of multiple Mods. Each area you encounter will contain several popular Mods from previous leagues. There are three random Mods in the Wraeclast area that will be changed every hour.

When this event ends on the 4th of next month, those players who have performed well in each event will receive various super god-like rewards issued by the game team. And they can also take part in a lottery, maybe they will get a better reward. Remember that they had better Buy more Path of Exile Currency to prepare for the 3.13 extension that GGG will release on the 15th of next month.