I'm gonna have to rethink the time

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This cant be said enough. EVE Mobile ISK players will need to step back somewhat and stfu.If that becomes a EO clone, however on mobile, it's dead to me.No one can honestly state that bubbles has not driven players away.There are already a number of choices which fear me this game is going in a bad direction which will eliminate appeal for some casual mobile gamers.

CCP must bet that each one of the casuals which are prepared to pay to get Omega (2x omega for me) is less than the hardcore griefer PVP kinds who lets be fair signed up 10 imitation gmail accounts and are conducting liquid cooled bluestacks multiboxer rigs.

How long before people are d-scanning and raiding our experiences or just popping our boats because we dared to autopilot to the system our T6 experience is in. What occurs when ships get tanky enough to tank high sec gate firearms. I'm not anti PVP, but it should be alternative, forcing the player base to just induce malevolent consequencing for existing in a world where somebody else is determined is not a winning approach for continuing revenue IMO.If you need immersion, maybe Star Citizen is for you. Eve, in any version, is gonna be like that. Bash it if you would like, but that's EVE Echoes ISK For Sale the sport Eve players love and want.Works great on my iPhone 6, too. Wish the dialog boxes/menus/search button worked better. Really hard to push buttons on a little phone.