What players should pay attention to when exploring Elder Scrolls Online Antiquities

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Players who have already started playing Elder Scrolls Online Antiquities know that this is an excellent opportunity to explore treasures and adventure, which may bring them significant growth. It is useful to buy some essential ESO Gold before going. When they have locked the target location and have completed the mining mini-game, they can start mining the treasure. But they must remember that they can’t dig down blindly, otherwise it may damage the treasure itself and devalue it, and that would be meaningless.

Don’t be happy too early when players use skills to find potential customers of purple quality because it will disappear soon. There is only one purple lead in the same area. So they will have to spin on all Tamriel to get the new purple lead. After groping for clues in order, players can continue to dig. Until they upgrade to level 7, it is possible to find potential customers of gold quality.

Although clues of gold quality exist everywhere, players must reach level 7 to unlock these clues. There are also some dungeons or weak ones waiting for players to search for their treasures. Once players have stored over 30 gold clues, they will find their ESO Gold, reaching level 10.

After the players reach level 10, leveling can be completed and the red ultimate lead can be dug out. These items contain some of the rarest treasures in the game, although the new mythical items are gold potential customers. This means that if players don’t care about other items, they don’t need to reach level 10. However, players who want to improve these skill levels need to spend a day to complete this work.

All in all, there are countless wealth and resources in the game, as long as the players can find the right method and successfully practice it. The premise is that players had better Buy more ESO Gold to raise their own strength. Just do it!

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