About quickly increasing Steam level

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Steam Level Up is a game worth playing. Yes, he is like a card game. In a sense, upgrading to get more friends and more personal information display cabinets seems to be of little use to players who just want to play games.

But steam is a social platform that belongs to gamers. Players can share their game content and show their achievements in the game. And high-level accounts and well-designed personal profile interfaces are valuable.

The way to upgrade yourself is to earn XP by playing games. It is recommended to play popular games with a trading card mechanism. The trading cards of popular games are relatively cheap, about a few cents per piece. You can basically synthesize the corresponding badge for a very small price, and you can get 100XP by synthesizing one. Then the badge can be upgraded 5 times. Obtaining 500XP can help you upgrade to level 5 in the early stage.

Of course, novice players can get community badges by completing some basic community tasks. Basically can reach level 3 to 5. This way you can quickly reach level 10 by upgrading one or two badges. Get a showcase.

Levels 10 to 11 require 200 XP, levels 20 to 21 require 300 XP, and so on. The XP required for upgrading began to increase. The maximum XP that each badge can provide is only 500.

When you reach a high level and want to upgrade quickly, community activities are the right way. Obtain corresponding badges by participating in various official activities and tasks. Either the XP of these badges can be upgraded to more levels, or the XP rewards are particularly rich, ranging from several thousand to hundreds of thousands to ten million XP.

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