Who is the Worst Team in Madden 21?

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Whether you are looking for challenges in a game with friends, creating your own players to restore the franchise, or rebuilding from scratch, you may want to find MUT 21 Coins to do just that. We have selected 5 teams with the worst overall performance in Madden 21 to challenge your abilities in any game mode.

5.Denver Broncos
In fifth place is Denver, his team scored 76 points, ranking 5-11 in the regular season. There is only one superstar X-factor player and 13 players with an overall score of over 80 years old. This is one of the weaker teams in Madden AFC. In addition, many big contracts below average make it difficult for this team to rebuild.

4.Philadelphia Eagles
Since the 2018 Super Bowl victory, the Eagles have fallen off the cliff. Now that they have abandoned QB Carson Wentz, their 75 points in Madden may actually be lower. The team is very old and there are not too many young talents to develop in the franchise mode, so you can buy Madden 21 Coins to help the team reinvigorate. Their veterans are good, some of them are superstars led by X-Factor Defenceive Tackle Fletcher Cox, but they will eventually decline in the next few years.

3. New York Jets
Both in Madden and real life, their position on the list is worthwhile, and has been around for more than ten years. Throughout the whole process, they may hover at 73 overall in Madden, and this year is no exception. There are only 6 players with more than 80 players on their roster. Their offense fell into chaos. Compared with their opponents, the New York Giants, they are not a very popular free agent destination.

2. Cincinnati Bengals
Although the total number of Bangladeshis in Madden this year is only 72, they may be the most potential and usable of any team on the list. The rookie Joe Burrow leads a group of young players, including hungry players such as superstar Joe Mixon, rookie Tee Higgins and Liberty Safety Jie West Bates (Free Safety Jessie Bates III).

Due to this young core, the Bengals may be one of the most favored teams in Madden 21, but with a poor offensive line, this team is not terrible. They are not good, but as experience and skills develop, they may make some noise. If you want to join a growing team as a player or coach, Cincinnati may be one of the best choices. At the same time, welcome to Buy MUT Coins at GameMS.

1.Jacksonville Jaguars
In the end, the Jacksonville Jaguars (Madden 21) won the worst lineup label. With an overall score of 70, the enthusiasm of the roster is almost zero. The Bengals only won one game last season, five games less than the 2019 season, and some fan groups saw weak potential. But all these glimmers were obscured by the bad games on both sides of the court.