A few honorable mentions in Madden 21

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1. Texans
A little similar there to the Seahawks, you got the mobile QB, Deshaun Watson and some excellent weapons and speed on offense. However, with this team, you get the pass rushing ability with JJ Watt, he's going to cause problems. You also a couple other studs on defense, such as Bernard Mckinney who's pretty good. There is some speed in the secondary with Justin Reed. Texans are a really excellent team to run with, which is worth MUT 21 Coins for players.

2. Vikings
Another honorable mention is the vikings. Again kind of similar to the saints, here is not a lot of speed but a lot of excellent weapons, a team that you can methodically move the ball with. They also have the superstar pass rushing ability with the Neil Hunter, which is superb, and they got a few studs on defense with Michael Pierce. They're going to have players like Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks, and of course Harrison Smith – the best safety in Madden 21. Another excellent team to run with a lot of balance.

3. Cardinals
Here's a wild card honorable mention – the cardinals. Now Kyla Murray throwing stats aren't the best but he's got the mobility and the escape artist ensure you got some suitable weapons on offense, especially with Deandre Hopkins being added to the team. You have a superstar pass rusher with Chandler Jones and you have some other Madden 21 Coins on defense like Patrick Peterson, Buddha Baker and Rookie Isaiah Simmons, who is a speed demon.

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