How to celebrate in Madden 21

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The celebration at Madden 21 is the perfect way to fight your opponents and achieve difficult goals. Celebrating is easy and can help lower the morale of the opponent and increase self-confidence.

Players must score at Madden 21 before they can start celebrating. After successfully bringing it to the completion area, you will have some options for Madden 21 Coins. Moving the joystick up, down, left, or right or pushing the joystick inward will trigger different animations.

Moving the joystick up will trigger a team celebration, while pushing it down will trigger a player-specific celebration. Holding the right rocker to the right will make the athlete dance, holding it to the right will shake the ball. Pushing in the stick will trigger a "shaky" celebration. Most celebrations will trigger a short animation or video clip, which is ideal for taunting opponents after a big game. Players can rub their own success before taunting and scoring the end zone diving.

Holding the trigger and A on the Xbox at the same time on the Xbox, and holding the X on the PlayStation will cause the player to laugh while running with the ball. Players can press and hold the left trigger, press X on Xbox or press Square on PlayStation to enter the end zone. It's fun to celebrate and taunt in Madden 21, but remember that some players think this is bad sportsmanship. However, some opponents are worth watching the celebration, and every player should know how to celebrate with style.

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