Madden 22 could be adding new Staff Management feature

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Madden 21 dropped the news about the title update today, but the keen audience saw the screen behind the executive producer in the videotape with information about the update, which may have leaked a new feature of Madden 22. If you need to Buy MUT Coins, you are welcome to visit GameMS.

Madden 22 employee management leak?
In the screenshot of the "Franchise Update" video, you can clearly see "Employee Management" at the top of the screen, which may be a new feature of Madden 22. In addition to updating the details, we also got some words from Madden NFL executive producer Sean Graddy, this is where people found out.

Although most of the details about the latest Madden 21 update come from the Gridiron Notes provided by EA, in Sean Graddy's short video, the focus of the fan discussion is the update, which is a behind-the-scenes footage of Sean Graddy. Through other improvements to Madden 21's franchise model, EA Sports is also looking forward to huge changes when Madden 22 is launched. The screen behind him seems to indicate that detailed personnel management functions will be added to Madden 22, which may include offensive coordinators, defensive coordinators, etc. You can buy MUT 21 Coins to get more powerful star players.

"Madden 21" is now available on EA Play
Madden 21’s title update is timely, as the game only landed on EA Play as part of the “playlist” yesterday. There is no doubt that EA Sports knew what they did in the Madden 21 championship update the day after the game entered EA Play, but it is not clear whether they leaked Madden 22's staff management on purpose.

Madden NFL executive producer Sean Graddy seems to know that the screen behind him will be captured in the video, so this may have been deliberately leaked by EA Sports. Furthermore, with the development upgrade to Madden 21 and full development of Madden 22, this is likely to be accidental, but we must wait to discover more information about this new feature. If you want to know about MUT 21 Coins, you can visit GameMS.