What is appealing about "Random Steam Keys"?

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It's like the lottery. The odds are even lower than the lottery. There are some small cash prizes in the lottery anyway. Everyone will look forward to the award. And random Steam keys are like activities launched by merchants for promotions. The biggest purpose is to attract customers to buy goods.

You don't know how the business is doing the background operations, and you may not even know what kind of games you can get. If you can get a AAA game, then you are lucky enough to get the first prize of the lottery. Most of the free keys offered by merchants are games of low value, and may not be as valuable as a rare card. More importantly, you may not like the game at all, or even give it to others, you don't think it can be a gift.

Then there is the question of probability. It is whether the probability of ordinary players and players who have already purchased the goods are the same. The merchant will set the probability of winning. You may not get the game you want for a few years. Even your expenses may exceed the list price on the Steam market. Spending time on uncertain things is a bit like gambling.

Of course, it also gives some players some hope that they can get the game for free. Because just like the lottery, there will always be people looking forward to that probability. There will be lucky people in every activity, so why not be yourself? Even if you don't get it, you won't have any substantial losses. And if you get the game, you can play it yourself, sell it or give it away if you don't like it, and even use it for Steam Level Up. It's like an exciting and challenging game that drives players crazy. Especially after a certain profit, players are more likely to fall into it.

It's like a brand of goods we want, if suddenly discounted or even available for free, it will have a huge appeal for people who want it. This is more like an advertising strategy. As long as the business activities are real, they will indeed let players get Steam keys. The merchants have gained customer traffic and revenue. Merchants will not let themselves lose money, you can only get what you want by luck.

For example, Mmoso will provide the Buy Steam Level Up service, which is more authentic and reliable than lottery-style services such as random Steam keys. Players can get the Steam level they want 100% at a cheap price. Although it will cost you more to buy a game on Steam, you can own it quickly and truly, and the effort will be rewarded.

You can try it a few times, but remember not to be addicted to it all the time. Probability is an unexplainable thing and it is difficult to control.