Wave Break will come to Steam in the summer

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Wave Break will be the main popular game for skateboarding and rowing. Players can perform various skills on the motorboat and perform different skills in various environments. Do all kinds of difficult moves and strive for more points. The most important thing is that you can also shoot at the opponent, which strengthens the confrontation.

Players can also swim in the sea and run on land. Summon your ship with one click. Face various situations at any time. There is a sense of becoming a pirate who loves to perform. And such games will be released on Steam and Switch in a few months.

According to Eddie Lee, President of Funktronic Labs:

Since its early launch on Stadia a year ago, the c's has added new campaign missions, a whole new warehouse level, a brand-new Park Creator bringing 6 different themes including tropical to neon, 100s [sic] of premade park pieces, custom ramps, grinds, and geometry tools, as well as the ability to create parks in real-time on your own, or with friends in multiplayer!

We're super excited to finally announce that Wave Break is coming to Switch and Steam this Summer [sic]. The team worked challenging to get it smooth 60hz on Switch, and now we can't wait to find out all the wacky fan-made creations within the new Park Creator. We also have another big musical surprise coming for launch, you'll not believe it!

The classic skateboarding game and multiple game modes will also contribute to its popularity on Steam. For players who are keen on Steam Level Up, they should be looking forward to the Steam trading cards, emoticons, and background pictures of the game. According to the game content that has been announced, the summer wind will be the design style of these items. Expect this upcoming game to cause a wave of Buy Cheap Steam Level Up.