Grinding Gear Games announces Ultimatum expansion

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After the show of Path of Exile 2, Wilson replaced "Ultimatum atum", which is a new expansion and league.

After the show of Path of Exile 2, Wilson replaced "Ultimatum atum", which is a new expansion and league. Wilson also said that considering Path of Exile 2, all recent and future leagues are under construction. "Ultimatum atum" provides players with a game show that is essentially "Do you want to be a millionaire", but death and blood have increased. The player will meet the Trialmaster, who will invite the player to the Trial. Before the Trial, players can purchase POE Orbs; to enhance their combat effectiveness.

The trial will show players rewards and ask them to choose a difficulty modifier. If they succeed in the trial, they will win POE Currency. However, if the player decides to move on, the presiding judge will also provide a second and possibly even better loot. If the player decides to push for the second trial, the second trial will be more difficult, and the third and fourth trial will be more difficult.

Players can get rewards between these levels, but if they die at any time, they will lose everything. Players will be able to use items found in the world to trigger these events, and even sacrifice items to alert the upcoming Trial to a more powerful drop. Trial can also bring unique rewards to players with interesting effects.

The Ultimatum trial version can also be used in multiplayer games, which is great. Players can try it out together, one can give up the reward, and the other can improve luck. Players will even vote for their favorite difficulty modifier, and if there is a tiebreaker, the game will roll the dice.

"Ultimatum atum" also provides the usual quality of life improvements and game supplements. In this league, Grinding Gear Games focuses on loot drops and changes around various items that can or cannot be dropped from enemies. The final action boss is now also more profitable to distract players from how they spend their time planting items. If you can Buy POE Currency, then this will help you save a lot of time.

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