The Forehand Deke works by pressing change RS into the direction

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When you exit the screen for studying the Shrine of Power's scroll, then you may automaticaly state this:'I should probably go to Carralanger, and OSRS gold then travel south from their' First, go to Carralanger, or the Demonic Ruins (you don't have to teleport, even though it is much simpler.) When you try and proceed through the gates, you may come across a cutscene.

Continue on to the next shrine. Shrine of Sacrifice: When you complete read the Shrine of Sacrifice scroll, you may say this:'I think I need to traveling to Kharyll and find it east of there.' Now go to Kharyll (Canifis) and travel east, into the haunted forests. There'll be a cave entrance in the center of the region.

If you try to enter it, then some level 103 vampire wil strike you. Kill him, and go inside. There'll be a circular room , with a change glowing red in the middle. Once inside, you will see Taurus and the Mage of Zamorak.I think F2P deserves one monster that is at least decent training and gives some rune and addy drops every now and then, without the chance of experiencing a rev suddenly appear and potentially have you.

Remeber that feeling of pride you have when you completed dragon slayer? How did you get to Crandor? By boat of course! How do you visit Pest Control to conserve the Void Knight? Boat! How can you go to Brimenhaven Dungeon to own some Rs 3 gold metallic dragons? Boat needless to say!