Steam dynamic long showcase

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Steam's showcase is always a profile component that players want to unlock. Static pictures can be designed to be very beautiful, but they have no characteristics. The Steam Points Store has also launched many dynamic avatars and profile backgrounds to promote player consumption. Of course, there are also many beautiful designs.

Need to pay attention to the production process
For pictures and dynamic pictures, we need to know Photoshop and After Effects. The characters in the dynamic long showcase need to be cut out with a pen in advance, and then their arms, legs, skirts, heads, etc. are segmented. It should be noted that the arms, skirts, etc. need to be painted with imitation stamp tools to make them larger than the original size and give them space to swing.

When using the timeline, puppet tool, and corrugated tool to make, please note that the size of the picture cannot be larger than 8MB. Our dynamic showcase is destined to not be too big. Choose to do three seconds, or two seconds of dynamic effects, in these three seconds to complete the character's hair, skirts, limbs, body swing.

Finally, export the picture into GIF format. If the picture size is too large, remember to change the quality.

Using the showcase is an important purpose of the player's buy Steam Level Up service. Every ten levels will unlock a showcase, which requires players to improve their level while taking pictures.

Use the Chrome browser to log in to the profile interface, select the artwork option, and click Upload. Fill in the picture information, upload the picture you have prepared, and tick the original artwork. But remember not to click to continue.

Use the shortcut key F12, or right-click to enter the browser console. Go to the Console page, paste the code below, and click enter. Now you can click Save and continue.

var num= document.getElementsByName("image_width")[0].value;
document.getElementsByName("image_height")[0].value = num-(num-1);
document.getElementsByName("image_width")[0].value= num*100;

Go to the bottom of the left side of the edit profile interface, select Set Display Cabinet, select Artwork Display Cabinet, and select the work you uploaded.

In this way, you can have a nice dynamic profile interface of your own design. Your contribution to Steam Level Up is meaningful.