Do you use Steam gems?

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Steam gems is a holiday promotion currency launched by Steam in 2014. Players can redeem extra items. Then you can redeem the items you want. Because in the process of Steam Level Up, players will get a lot of profile background pictures and emoticons. So many players are also willing to exchange some items for gems.

Currently, players will get items when synthesizing badges. But if you look at many high-level players, their inventory is very rich. It can be seen that they did not consume a lot to exchange gems. Of course, these items have other functions besides being exchanged for gems.

Emoticons can be used for communication between the community and friends. The profile background picture can be used to decorate the profile interface. Steam trading cards can be used to synthesize badges to increase the Steam level. More importantly, it can be used for exchange and sale. You can give it to a friend, or you can sell it in the Steam market. Some good items can be sold at a good price.

Another group of players may feel that upgrading the Steam level is too slow. Even with the Buy Steam Lvl Fast service, the probability of getting Steam Level Booster is not high, and it takes time to play games. Therefore, he will mostly choose to exchange items he considers unimportant for gems. Then use gems to redeem the Steam Level Boost package. Although this has the limitation that it can only be done once a day.

One of the reasons why they would choose to consume existing items if they want to exchange for gems and exchange for items such as background pictures they want. The gems required for the desired item may require more consumption of existing items. Players seem to be unwilling to bear the losses in the middle.

So what will you do with your belongings? Should they be eaten up in the inventory? Or the pending order in the Steam market? Or choose to consume to exchange for Steam gems?