World Of Warcraft controls the "reserved words" of the game to give players a better experience

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Over the past few years, World Of Warcraft has used sophisticated language filters to check for certain confusing words. Recently, Wowhead discovered a small update about WOW. Messages containing "reserved words" in the World Of Warcraft game will be completely blocked from sending. This includes slander of a race, and this WOW Classic Gold category is likely to be further expanded in the future.

Wowhead said that the filtering mechanism for "reserved words" currently only applies to email messages sent by players in World Of Warcraft. If players use third-party BNet Messenger to chat with people in World Of Warcraft, they will not be restricted by this filter. Currently, allows players to use BNet Messenger to send messages in WOW.

Some Wowhead commentators speculated that this filtering mechanism may be related to the support for voice in the 9.1 test version. At present, the 9.1 test area supports players to send voice messages, which allows players to Buy WOW Classic Gold chat with their partners through text instead of just as before. Now players can choose to speak out the chat content. Perhaps this is why Blizzard has adopted a filter for hate speech to control some inappropriate speech of players.

However, when players post messages on the public channels of World Of Warcraft, the community may use very creative vocabulary instead in order to make inappropriate speech evade existing filters. It is not yet known when Blizzard will announce new accessibility tools or chat filters. If you want to see whether they will be announced through additional review work, you may need to pay a certain fee to be able to view them.