Earn Steam XP without making a badge

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Steam XP is what Steam players need for Steam Level Up. Just like the upgrade in the game, Steam as a game launching platform also has a level mechanism, which can be called a card game.

The most common and fastest way to obtain XP is to collect Steam trading cards and synthesize the corresponding game badges. You can get 100XP by synthesizing once. Compared to buying a game to get an XP, it’s not too fast. Of course, players can also get badges without collecting any trading cards, or even high XP.

All of this is based on contributions to the Steam platform. It is also a badge for rewarding XP, but it is not a card making.

For free, I attribute them to the Steam Community Service badge. After we get a Steam account, we can get community service mission badges through some simple tasks. Similar to the realization of personal information forms and Steam platform functions. Watch the game live broadcast, set your profile background, add a Steam friend, and enter the Steam community to participate in basic tasks such as discussions. After the 25 basic tasks are completed, you can get 500XP.

Then there are some other community service tasks, participation in testing, translation work, hosting activities, etc.

The way to get paid is to get badges through spending. The most common is to participate in holiday promotions, the higher the level, the more XP you get. This is the fastest way to upgrade for players with a high Steam level. The usual purchases will increase the points of the muscle points store and redeem them for seasonal badges of different levels. You can get up to 20-level badges, spend $200 to get 20,000 points, and get 2000XP.

Merchants that provide the Buy Steam Level Up service generally help players to level up by quickly making badges for players through a wealth of inventory. Players can also save the process of collecting cards by themselves, which is cheaper and more effective than the payment method.