Rsgoldfast - Boats are used frequently in Runescape

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Speak to father uhrney and he'll inform you that you have OSRS gold to cover the key. (If you inadvertently burn off the key, there will be a respawn in a chest in the east corner of the space.) "use" the unholy leather on the unholy key, and then use the unholy coated key on the molten lock. This will free daddy uhrney, who will then extinguish the fire with a prayer. Speak to dad uhrney and he will tell you that they caught him for a special package he needed the priest in lumbridge, and he will tell him that he sent the package to his good friend wizard mizgog from the wizard tower once he heard his captors were coming for him.

He'll provide you his guaranteed 2k plusd another 30 for boat fares. Speak to wizard mizgog and he will tell you that father uhrney said you're coming. He'll give you"wrapped Package. Duplicates cost 7.5k. Bring the package to the priest, who will be awaiting you at the church. He'll then ask you which god you support; Guthix, Saradomin, or Zamorak.

If you answer no, then you simply acquire 10k prayer xp and 5k mining xp.

He will reunite them and you will get (by way of example, Saradomin) Saradomin priest gown top and bottom, Saradomin priest cape, and saradomin priest team. He'll also provide you a prayer publication of your god. (The priest robes and team along with Rs2007 gold cape will alter appearance to coincide.)