Why Should You Having Inshare Rattan Corner Sofa for You Garden

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One of the ways you can really maximise an outdoor space is by choosing Rattan Corner Sofa and decor that will transform it into a functional area. The possibilities are countless when it comes to what you can do

One of the ways you can really maximise an outdoor space is by choosing Rattan Corner Sofa and decor that will transform it into a functional area. The possibilities are countless when it comes to what you can do to turn an ordinary garden or patio into an al fresco seating area, or a space available for garden parties and cocktails. When choosing cafe furniture to fill up your outside areas, rattan pieces are great options that can help to create an amazing ambience in your space.


We did say these points would be in no form of hierarchy but it's hard not to see this as one of the most important reasons to invest in synthetic rattan. Artificially produced rattan furniture has a much longer lifespan than its authentic counterpart. In our more in-depth blog post, we mentioned that synthetic garden furniture could last anywhere between 10 and 20 years.


Rattan also lasts a long time. This is because of not only its strength as a material, but also in the way that it is processed and used in making furniture. By combining and ‘knotting’ the canes together, the strength of the material is increased, making it incredibly durable and robust.

Weather proof

Speaking of bad weather, high grade rattan furniture can withstand all types of weather systems. Therefore you don't have to rush outdoors to put away your rattan garden furniture during a surprise rainstorm. On top of being waterproof, resin weave rattan garden furniture is also resistant to UV rays. Keep in mind that your cushions might not be waterproof, just the rattan material itself.


Now, this next point may come as a surprise to some of you but synthetic rattan is a lot stronger than the real version. This is due to the fact that it is man-made and so doesn't contain those natural fibres that can sometimes be the downfall of authentic rattan. This is another reason that synthetic furniture will last much longer as it is less prone to damage!


That being said, synthetic rattan furniture is a lot more lightweight than real rattan. You will find it very easy to move it around if you fancy rearranging your garden or the format of your furniture. (Did you know all of our rattan garden furniture sets are completely modular? This means you can customise the layout so your specific preference.)

Cheaper to buy

Of course, it's a no-brainer that an artificial version of a material can be cheaper. This is the same across any industry from wood to fur. However, this can really make a difference to families who might not have the budget for real rattan but would love to achieve that beautiful look in their own garden.

Easy to maintain

Rattan is easy to maintain, especially when compared to other wood furniture currently in the market. You don't need any fancy wood cleaner to ensure that your rattan furniture stays clean. Simply use a soft washcloth and regular dishwashing soap to clean as needed. You should also use a small brush to get at the little nooks and crannies that are difficult to clean with your washcloth.

Rattan furniture has long been a common type of furniture that continues to be preferred by many. No matter what your reason may be for choosing rattan or rattan-inspired furniture, make sure that you put careful thought and consideration to your choice. Insharefurniture is a website which wholsale Leisure Chair and other rattan furniture, you can click https://www.insharefurniture.com/product/plastic-sofa-set/rattan-sofa.html to learn more information, or visit our factory.