Blizzard reduces the price of World of Warcraft Classic character clones to $15

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Blizzard reduces the price of World of Warcraft Classic character clones to $15

World of Warcraft Classic is about to release an expanded version of The Burning Crusade Classic, which is in line with the development direction of the original version of World of Warcraft. And after it is released, the short-lived auction house will be closed. The Burning Crusade Classic is essentially a brand new world, which will fundamentally reshape the scene of the WOW Classic game. Players can explore new areas and experience completely different game content. However, players need to choose a role after it is released: keep the role in WoW Classic or enter TBC Classic. By the way, is providing high-quality and safe game currency, welcome to visit!

However, many players do not want to make such a choice after the TBC Classic is released on June 1. Because they want a character with hours of gaming experience, and they also want to play WoW Classic. In order to meet the needs of such players, Blizzard provides a character cloning service, but it costs money, initially $35. This price angered those fans who quickly became strongly disgusted with Blizzard, who said it was too expensive. As a result, Blizzard reduced the price of character clones to $15.

As the first major expansion of World of Warcraft, it introduced new competitions for player characters and increased the level cap. At the same time, it also changed the pattern of WOW with new content. However, many players chose World of Warcraft Classic to return to a simpler time without any expansion changes. At the same time, it seems a bit silly to reject new (old) content. So cloning the role is the best of both worlds, it has brought changes to TBC Classic, so Blizzard must be willing to pay a high price for this.

It is worth noting that many players still like World of Warcraft, so this rebound will be so intense. Even the most loyal Classic TBC Gold players play WOW in DD, which has made a great contribution to the game world. The continued popularity of World of Warcraft is self-evident. Since the merger of Blizzard and Activision, it has taken actions that are not welcomed by players, such as the option to purchase game time, which makes many players very disappointed in Blizzard. But this rare rebound has caused Blizzard to lower the price of character clones, which may be able to bring good impressions to some players.