Witch Summoner of Path of Exile

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As far as other skill gems are concerned, there must be auras, and one of the best gems is auras.

Preparing for this build is very easy and flexible, because the player almost only needs "maximum lifespan" and "maximum resistance" to get started. Agility is an important indicator of gems, because the witch shooting path does not naturally come from many agility nodes in the passive tree. It may be helpful to place items on rings and amulets to match the attributes of the POE Currency or jewelry.

Of course, towards the end, if so far, players can spend more money on this construction. They can buy better items, such as amulets that provide +1 gem level of all intelligence skills, which will increase the level of all creep gems and their damage. Similarly, wands with gem levels of all spell skills +1 are equally powerful. Because minion gems are considered spells. Finally, it is beneficial to wear a ring with a “cursed enemy ring with elemental weakness on hit, so that they will not even be harmed by the elements.

As far as other skill gems are concerned, there must be auras, and one of the best gems is auras. Hat hatred causes physical damage to most small creatures that have increased attack power. The physical damage becomes cold damage, and the subsequent cold damage increases. Considering that both skeletons and zombies can cause basic physical damage, the bonus is very pungent. If there is no strong support from the elements, they can also Buy POE Currency to cool the enemy.

Other useful gems in Path of Exile include: a sprint that speeds up running, a frost bomb that can cause more cold damage to the enemy and reduce its life regeneration, a riot shield and more chances of blocking if necessary, and an immortal move hurt you. If you use a skeleton as the main minion, the player should pack Raise Zombie into a 4-liter item and support it with Meat Shield and Feeding Frenzy so that each minion can cause more damage. This is all the work this week. I hope that gamers are willing to play the role of a witch summoner in Path of Exile: Ultimatum play, which can improve their equipment and skills, make their minions more deadly, and also take advantage of the alliance’s rare monster wave.