WoW TBC Classic: Dark Portal Pass affects health of the game

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WoW Classic provides players with time-saving services for the first time, which has aroused fierce debate among players.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic's newly launched Dark Portal Pass is a character boost service. Players can spend $40 to Buy TBC Classic Gold level up to 58 on a character in their account, and receive a full set of green quality gears and some gold, a basic mount and the riding skill to ride it, four 12-slot bags, weapon skills leveled up to Their appropriate max rank for level 58, and certain flight paths to get around the world easier. But the newly added Blood Elf and Draenei in TBC Classic cannot use this service.

WoW Classic provides players with time-saving services for the first time, which has aroused fierce debate among players. The topics of contention include not only whether it is necessary for individual players to purchase Dark Portal Pass, but also whether paid character boosts should be introduced into the game.

For those players who lack time to play games because of work or other things, boosts are very popular. But the problem is that this improvement may cost the entire MMORPG a heavy price: players need to pay a lot of money for the time saved, and the game's economic system may even fall into a vicious circle. This is why I think the Dark Portal Pass looks attractive but not worth it. It can make players feel convenient in the short term, but it is definitely not conducive to the long-term health and development of the game.

Players who purchase the Dark Portal Pass are equivalent to spending $40 to skip the leveling time that would otherwise take dozens of hours. Although the pre-patch of TBC Classic has improved the player's leveling efficiency to a certain extent, some novices still need tens or even hundreds of hours to make a new character reach the max level. This move by Blizzard shows that even players who have not played World of Warcraft Classic can fully experience the fun of TBC Classic, as long as they are willing to spend money.

On the other hand, character boost will promote the development of WoW TBC Classic Gold sales services. These farmers can skip to max level immediately after creating a new character, and then obtain lucrative game resources through professional means and convert them into a large amount of TBC Classic Gold. Although Blizzard has worked hard to ban these accounts and limit each account to only use the Dark Portal Pass once, this does not effectively prevent gold sellers from abusing the pass. As long as similar situations continue to occur, the WoW TBC Classic market will be flooded with more and more gold, thereby damaging the economic system of the game.

In general, the Dark Portal Pass is a double-edged sword. From the perspective of the entertainment of the game, it is advantageous because it allows new TBC Classic Gold players to avoid the boring leveling process in the game. But from the perspective of the health and sustainability of the game, the consequences of making all players available to use the boosts may be unbearable. In MMORPG, the state of the game is determined by the behavior of the player community. As more and more sellers use boosts to improve the efficiency of selling gold, it is difficult to say what TBC Classic will become in the future.