Madden 21 quarterback ratings

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The quarterback is the most important part of the football game, and this is no exception in Madden 21.

The quarterback is the most important part of the football game, and this is no exception in Madden 21. We have listed the current ratings of the best starting quarterbacks in Madden 21. For Aaron Rogers and Russell Wilson, we have broken down the specific scores of each of them to make them so special. Experienced old players usually accumulate Madden Coins in advance, and then buy the items they want.

Aaron Rogers – 95
Although Aaron Rodgers' status in the Green Bay Packers is still problematic, his status as the top quarterback of the Madden 21 team is unquestionable. Like Brady, his rating has been as low as 89 since the start of the game, and his rating has improved as the season progressed.

Although not classified as a sporty quarterback, Rogers is able to maintain his position in these categories and will not lag far behind other quarterbacks in this category. In throwing categories such as throwing power and pressure throwing, he ranks second behind the outliers and possible alien Mahomes, even surpassing him with a 95 deep shooting percentage. With the help of GameMS, you will be able to buy Madden 21 Coins and get powerful players.

Russell Wilson – 95
Wilson can easily become the best all-around quarterback in football and another candidate for Madden 21 besides Mahomes. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback is one of the most athletic options in this position, with high ratings for speed, acceleration, and agility. Russ is also very good at throwing, reaching the 90s in terms of throwing power, throwing under pressure, accuracy in all ranges, game movements and running throws.

This is based on the most recently updated rating and does not take into account real transactions, free agent signings and retirements that occur after the end of the season. If you lack time to play games due to work and urgently need to buy Madden 21 Coins, you can go to GameMS for help.