10 Pro Tips For The Customs Map In Escape From Tarkov

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10 Pro Tips For The Customs Map In Escape From Tarkov

It can be daunting to enter Escape From Tarkov for the first time. Here’s how to get past the Customs Map and come out alive.

EFT’s Customs map is a one-of-a-kind starting map for a survival game. The terrain is largely encircled by massive walls, and there are more limited spaces than in typical FPS games. To survive, new players will need to familiarize themselves with the map’s design.

Understanding placement and sightlines will be crucial while through Customs because a big chunk of the map is divided by walls. Newcomers will benefit from understanding the map’s complexities and tactics for avoiding getting caught in the open throughout their first several hours of gameplay. This tutorial will cover 10 various ideas to assist gamers on the beginner map.

Getting To The Red Warehouse

Instead of sprinting straight through the map’s chokepoints, players can sneak in and out of sections unobserved by using several of the gaps in the wall. The enormous red warehouse area will be one of the first sites survivors must cross through. The major entry and departure points to this big red warehouse are usually teeming with opponents.

A second entrance is located to the south of the warehouse. A small hole near to the rail tracks on the southwest edge of the wall serves as better access and exit point.

Gas Station Entry And Exit Points

Another strategic method to get through the wall is to the south of the Gas Station. The massive pipes coated in barbed wire can be used to mantle the wall and hop over it. To go back across, characters can use a waste container to hop over the barbed wire. There are a couple more holes in the wall north of the Gas Station.

Entering The Construction Site

There are three entry points to the Construction Site, which is located close to the northwest of Warehouse 17. The breaches nearest to the warehouse are easy to identify, while the two further north are far more secure. Because the holes in the wall are hidden under plants, opponents will have difficulty looking through them.

Exiting The Three Story Dorms

There is a doorway on the top level of the Dorms that leads outdoors onto the roof. Gamers can jump down onto the clothesline and walk away to avoid having to return down the stairs. In the process, the character should be hurt. Users must wait for a damage indicator if there is none, else they will break their legs. This is yet another tactical shortcut that will save the lives of many people.

North Bridge Vantage Point

Early in the game, the north end of the bridge makes for a great sniper spot. Near the departure point, players will notice a number of adversaries attempting to cross the river. For an even better view, climb to the roof of the small cabin there. Typically, opponents will conceal in and around the pipes to the south.

Dorms V-EX Extract

Survivors will have to transfer Roubles during the evacuation to begin the mission. The timer will start after the transfer is completed. Because there is no requirement for proximity to the target, it is a good idea to walk away from it somewhat as the minute counts down.

The extraction will be completed as long as the character is in the car when the timer expires. Completing the activity will be less stressful if you hide in a bush or a safe spot.

Sightlines To And From The Gas Station

When looking in the direction of the Gas Station from the rail tracks on the south end of the map, there is a sightline that spans hundreds of meters. Gamers on the tracks and near the Gas Station will have a line of sight that stretches across a large chunk of the map. While gazing down either sightline, players who want to fulfill the Shooter Born In Heaven challenge may be able to get a headshot.

Trailer Park Extraction

It’s a risky mission to get out of Trailer Park. Mantle the cement blocks on the east side of the parking lot and use the vehicles to the left as cover as an alternative to traveling straight to the west. There is a break in the fence toward the end of the parking area where gamers can exit. Users will be able to securely navigate their way through the trees to the extraction location from there.

Getting The Factory Exit Key

Beginners may not realize that the Factory Exit Key unlocks a door in Warehouse 4 south of the Gas Station, on the northeast corner. In-game, players can find the key via looting Scavs or coats. The key can also be obtained from the Flea Market, which is the safest method of obtaining the key. Users should have enough EFT Roubles to make the purchase after a few hours of games.

How To Jump Higher

One of the key problems on the Customs map is overcoming obstructions. A strafe jump propels the character model higher than a regular jump. Jumping into a tree and subsequently clearing an obstacle is another fascinating approach to go over a wall. It should be mentioned that gamers must be physically capable of doing specific jumps.

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