What is the right way to play Escape From Tarkov with your friends?

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What is the right way to play Escape From Tarkov with your friends?

Escape from Tarkov immerses you in a hostile world rife with risk. Surviving in this world is difficult, especially if you’re new to the game. However, if you team up with your mates, you can have a much easier time. You’ll have a far better chance of surviving, and you’ll be able to scavenge loot much faster.

You’ll learn how to play Escape from Tarkov with your friends in this entry.

What is the right way to play Escape From Tarkov with your friends?

You’ll need to add your friends in-game before you can start playing:

1. Go to the bottom of your computer and choose “Messenger.”

2. You’ll be taken to a new menu, where you’ll need to pick “Friends” from the upper-right column.

3. Here you’ll find all of your newly added friends as well as any pending requests.

4. To add friends, use your search bar to locate them. Invite them by entering their usernames.

All that’s left now is for everybody to start playing a game together:

1.Open the game Escape from Tarkov.

2.Select your PMC, map, and time process from the drop-down menus. Ensure that all of the pre-game elements are the same. There are no other options for forming a group with your mates.

3.Select a point of entry.

4.During the planning, keep pressing the “next” button before the “Prepare For Escape” message appears.

5.If you followed all of the steps correctly, your name should be on the left, while your friends’ names should be on the right. When you see all of your friends on your phone, right-click their username and select “Invite to Party.” Last but not least, click the “Ready” button.

6.After that, your match will begin, and both teams will spawn in roughly the same zone. When the game has started, remember to interact with your teammates in order to stop shooting each other.

OK, The tutorial is finished, hope you enjoy playing Escape From Tarkov.

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