What improvements are maden in NBA 2K21 and how players feel ti?

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Similarly, due to certain adjustments, other new concerns arise

Similarly, due to certain adjustments, other new concerns arise. The pick-and-roll is highly hit or missed, often resulting in a far-too-easy offensive basket. The off-ball defender won't adjust matchups when appropriate, and frequently dips on guys 2K21 MT shouldn't, like Steph Curry. This is probably a side-effect of animations being less automated than they were in the past, but since pick-and-roll is such an ubiquitous technique, it's an obvious problem.


NBA 2K21 also makes some improvements outside the arena. MyCareer has the same sad tale as previous-generation versions, The Long Shadow, but it now has a branching plotline including moving out of high school to the G League instead of playing for one of the 10 institutions offered. The plot follows roughly the same course as on the PS4 and Xbox One, however I like additions like the reappearance of several characters that had been in past 2K storylines like the over-the-top Jackson Ellis. That said, there's an option to bypass The Long Shadow and go right to the NBA2K21 MT, and I'd still recommend choosing it. The writing is seldom decent, and the G League games are a grind.



Remaining buy MT But MyPlayer saw an aggressive revamp. The City is a brand-new location to travel and explore with generated players, and it's big. It's probably way too huge indeed. Even with an excellent map to assist me, getting from one end of NBA 2K21 to the other took too long. There's too much superfluous fluff, such eateries you can't engage with, and enormous building projects that don't appear to exist. The City also looks to be restricted to 100 participants, which may sound amazing, but this isn't a royal war. With four separate affiliations and a handful of courts per affiliation, the numbers are spreading exceedingly thin. In my experience, getting a 3-on-3 match may take between five and 10 minutes, which almost utterly contradicts the fun