Netherdrake mount in WoW Burning Crusade Classic

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Netherdrake mount is definitely one of the classics in WoW Burning Crusade Classic. Countless players spend time and TBC WOW Classic Gold just to get it. However, completing the corresponding tasks and gaining a reputation in Shadowmoon Valley are inevitable tasks, and they have to reach level 70.

It looks just like the drake itself isn't obtainable yet, however. We expect so that it is unlockable in the later phase of TBC Classic, however, you can get began on the requirements now by fixing your reputation while using the Netherwing faction. Before you start the questline to get this glorious flying beast, you'll also have to pick a faction in Shattrath, and grind the 5,000 gold needed to buy epic flight skills – there's also the price of the mount and previous flight skills to take into consideration, and we all recommend starting out early.


To perform the questline, you have to have basic flight skills as well as a flying mount, because you require to speak with Neltharaku, a dragon who circles on top of the valley. In future phases, you'll need flying skills to achieve Netherwing Ledge, the place that the daily quests will throw open, and you'll need epic flying skill 300 to realistically compete within the races that reward faction. To ride the mount when you're getting it, you'll likewise need epic flying.

In order to complete the one-time quest lines offered on Netherwing Ledge, you need to have declared a faction Aldor or Scryers in Shattrath, jointly the quest requires you to defend the bottom of your chosen faction in Shadowmoon Valley.


The reputation quests start out with Mordenai in Shadowmoon Valley. Thanks to a newly released hotfix, you'll find Mordenai wandering in the area with rock flayers and orcs inside the far southeast corner of Shadowmoon Valley, between your Sanctum in the Stars and Dragonmaw Fortress. The first quest opens at level 70. Questing with him will get you began gaining Netherwing faction reputation. You start at Hated, and you'll need Exalted for starters of these gorgeous mounts.

Doing Mordenai's full questline you can get to Neutral reputation. There are nine quests in most. Don't bother about reputation being slow since you go – a final quest is a place you get all with the rep.


If you've completed the introductory questline, you must receive a quest that supplies you with Netherwing Ledge, a floating island inside the far southeast corner with the zone. Once there, you'll get a series of one-time quests, which result in daily, repeatable quests. Each quest awards reputation, possibly at each major reputation Friendly, Honored, Revered, Exalted level you'll open access to more one-time and daily quests, therefore, the reputation grind goes faster the higher level you obtain.

Starting at Friendly reputation, you'll be given a trinket that summons a dragonling to combat for you. This trinket grows more powerful at each and every reputation level. At Honored reputation, you'll also be handed a questline producing another trinket that increases your mount speed by 10%.

Herbalists, miners, and skinners obtain additional quests around the island which use their trade skills. You can also find bind-on-pickup Netherwing Eggs and turn them set for additional reputation, though the competition of those is likely to be fierce if this questline first uncovers.

When you've reached Exalted, you'll receive one Netherdrake color without cost. Buying any from the others costs 200 gold. Buying WOW TBC Gold For Sale should be the service you need.