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I've thought that "Sailing" is the appropriate name of the ability. I will let the poll stand open for you to share your ideas. For now, to start your journey on RuneScape gold the sea, you must go to any port within Runescape. Now you can buy the "Frame" of the ship for a certain amount of money based on the materials it is constructed from. The frame, as well as the ship will be made out of wood. You can choose any type of wood except Magic. When you purchase the frame from the bar , or the person who is responsible, you have to purchase the necessary materials. It's similar to building.

You need Planks (Of the type of wood you're building your ship out of) a nail, hammer and saw. Now , the frame itself could be three different sizes. You can choose from small, medium and large frames. Small frames are 10k, medium frames are 50k Large frames are 100k. Once the frame is complete, you can start attaching the planks to it. You will need around 100 planks to complete the exterior of the boat. It is possible to add more boats to your collection as you progress in your level. You could increase the dimensions of your boat, or purchase more than one boat. You should think about it. You can have an entire fleet of boats at your command (if you're wealthy).

Once you finish the outside of the boat you must work on the inside. Work crews can be hired to build decks, cabins for crews (More details on crews to be forthcoming) and various other rooms. It can be constructed using steel bars or planks. One thing you need Cheap OSRS gold always is a wheel which comes with the frame. After you have that completed, you can climb down an incline and begin to build rooms. One deck is located on the lower part of the small vessel (formerly known as your frame).