Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 2 Platinum Replica Watch

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Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 2 Platinum Replica Watch


Greubel Forsey Double Balancier


The most important change to the tourbillon in modern watchmaking is the emergence of the multi-axis tourbillon. The first patent for this tourbillon was granted to British watchmaker Anthony Randall in 1980, and the first working model was made by Richard Good. In 2003, AHCI member Thomas Prescher produced the first multi-axis watch tourbillon. Since then, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Girard-Perregaux (both companies have a long history of tourbillon manufacturing) have also produced examples. Although the tourbillon is an adjustment mechanism (from a purist's point of view, it is not a complex in itself, but an adjustment device) most closely related to reducing the effect of gravity on rate stability, but other solutions are also possible. These include the dual balance spring applied to a single balance, the use of two balance wheels on the same axis, the balance spring with opposite fixed points (such as the Audemars Piguet dual balance), and the double pendulum as we have As seen in the wheel, the two balance wheels are inclined relative to the main board and to each other. The tilting of the balance wheels at a certain angle is critical because it means that the position error experienced by one balance wheel at any given position will tend to be offset by the position error experienced by the other.

The two balances are connected by the constant spherical aberration of Gauper Fuss, which produces an average velocity for the two balances. The constant spherical differential is also referred to as the remontoire d'egalité; it is a constant force mechanism that provides energy to the balance wheel through a small coil spring that rewinds every four minutes. This is again related to the concept of eliminating the interference effect of gravity on rate stability-if the balance wheel maintains a constant amplitude, they will be able to avoid the exaggeration of the gravity error that occurs when the amplitude of the balance wheel begins to fall, and the power reserve of any watch is about to end. . The auxiliary coil spring that maintains a constant spherical aberration is wound with energy from the two main barrels, providing a 72-hour power reserve.jacob and co astronomia for sale

In the face of the influence of gravity, traditional solutions to maintain rate stability also exist-because the traditional regulator index constitutes a theoretical interference with the natural "breathing" of the hairspring during expansion and contraction, so the balance wheel bounces freely; The balance spring itself has a Phillips winding end curve to ensure that the breath of the balance spring is as perfectly concentric as possible. In modern watchmaking, these are sometimes considered more theoretical than practical advantages, but it is worth observing that the free-spring balance and the outer end curve of the upper coil can be found in modern Rolex movements.

From a purely technical horological point of view, this is a very interesting watch-it is at the forefront of a certain deep curiosity and very obsessive curiosity, basic questions about how far you can really take to deal with the impact when exploring specific The research approach is the gravity on the watch. This kind of thing, putting aside any aesthetic issues, has its own very serious intellectual charm, or it can be said that such a persistent pursuit of an idea to a logical conclusion has reached an aesthetic; for example, Omega watch tourbillon The observatories (12 of them were made as experiments in the late 1940s) have some strange beauty, although they are certainly not intended to bring aesthetic fatigue to connoisseurs as their main goal (even second or third level, for that matter). But when you combine the inner charm of machinery with the same obsessive pursuit of beauty—in terms of design, movement structure, and most importantly, movement completion—you will get some of the most advanced things.High Quality Replica watches

One of the most interesting characteristics of traditional watchmaking is that for most of its history, from a technical point of view, when it is practiced at the highest level, there is usually little perceptual difference between the aesthetics of the mechanism and its technical advantages. This is not always the case, but when the exquisite craftsmanship and the detailed pursuit of the best performance are combined in the watchmaking industry, you will see an almost existing machine celebrating the beauty of nowhere to go today. In the Double Balancier Sapphire, it is obvious that it reflects to a certain extent the classic movement finishing methods of the British watchmaking industry and the Swiss-French tradition, which are hardly seen in modern watchmaking; there is no doubt that this The combination of two idioms, at such a high level, in a single timepiece, is a design language, and Greubel Forsey seems to have monopolized the market.

The use of British Haute Horlogerie design cues and decoration techniques is the key to the double balancer's role in design and visual impact. The British watchmaking industry has never tried to manufacture ultra-thin watches, pursuing the special elegance of the European watchmaking industry, especially after the invention of the cylindrical escapement made the true flat watchmaking technology possible for the first time technically. Watchmaking. There is no doubt that under any circumstances, a watch with a 72-hour power reserve, two tilted balance wheels, upper spiral balance spring, combined transmission and differential will not pursue the same physics as Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine 1955 Proportions, but the same situation is the comforting over-sturdiness you see in hand-made British pocket watches in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which is part of their charm, in the watchmaking industry of Guberforth Still alive. (By the way, I should also say that although it is a big replica swiss watches, considering what is happening, the thickness of 13.81 mm is not excessive.)

The impeccable three-dimensionality of the watch means that there is a sense of depth and many design choices are impossible if Greubel Forsey tries to keep the watch as flat as possible. It is tempting to describe this watchmaking industry by analogy with the structure of watchmaking and even pocket watches (as we mentioned, this has a strong connection with the British pocket watch tradition), but at the same time, this is a watch in itself. The significance of the fanatical pursuit of the most exquisite solutions to solve the problems brought by the watch. Although it is inextricably linked with the manufacture of watches and clocks, it is indeed a timepiece that can only be used as a watch.

It is the constant force spring in the constant force differential; it is rewinded by the running train every four minutes.

The frosted finish of the movement plywood and the contrasting black finish of the steel structure echo the traditional finishes found in high-end handmade British watches.Patek Philippe Grand Complications replica

Opening the dial to expose the underlying mechanism is very easy to fail. Part of the reason is that the thickness of the dial makes it appear to be an important part of the overall weight of the watch. In order to point out an element that really blends the entire composition together, the black polished steel central element of the dial is not just a decorative element, it is designed to connect the dark blue of the dial with the rest of the watch, even though it does so. This is also- It is actually a functional part of the movement, acting as a cock supporting the hour and minute hands, and the superimposed wheel of the gear train below it.

Since the creation of Greubel Forsey, almost no watch has attracted people's interest to some extent (usually more than one), but the double balancer sapphire is particularly eye-catching. Its beauty is unified-James Joyce's famous Stephen Dedalus quoted Aquinas's famous saying in "Portrait of Young Artists" that beauty is composed of three things: integritas, consonantia, claritas (whole, harmony and brilliance). Each of these three requirements can be carried out almost indefinitely (and absolutely disgusting, depending on your tolerance for aesthetic theory in watch criticism; I may have Too bad luck for some people) but I don't think it will be hurt. In this case, touch gently what it means.breguet 5827