Path of Exile Expedition was delayed on PlayStation

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We cannot launch this field on PlayStation until we are sure that this problem has been resolved.

If you remember, the Path of Exile was launched on the console yesterday. However, although the expansion pack works well on Xbox, the "display" issue prevented the PlayStation from appearing. Expedition was officially launched on July 15th at the beginning of this month. The PC version was released on July 23 last week. At the same time, the console version will be released yesterday. However, according to developer Grinding Gear Games, the PlayStation version has been discontinued. This problem seems to be a big problem related to the database.

We thought that Path of Exile: Expedition would be launched on the console today. The good news is that the launch on Xbox is underway. The bad news is that we encountered a shocking database problem, so the path of exile is "currently on PlayStation until we solve this problem. Due to this problem, the release of Expedition on the PlayStation platform was delayed until the team was able to solve this problem.However, this does not affect players' enthusiasm for Buy POE Currency.

We cannot launch this field on PlayStation until we are sure that this problem has been resolved. Our team is working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. However, we cannot provide a current estimate of when this field will appear on PlayStation. We hope it will be available again later today and will update the article when we have a clearer timeline to provide it. A lot of information about POE Currency will also be updated.

The post continues and apologizes to the PlayStation community. There is no doubt that it makes sense to postpone the release of PlayStation to solve these problems. After all, no one wants a bad game. You can read the full update here. While waiting, you can learn more about Path of Exile Expedition and POE currency at POECurrency.