The best-selling game on Steam last week was New World

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Last week, New Worldbeat The Ascent, Tribes of Midgard, and other games to top the leaderboard. As for how New World won the top two before its launch on August 31, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad pointed out that the pre-order to allow access to the beta version ended last week. This has led players to rush to start the game as early as possible before the official release of the game by purchasing the standard and deluxe versions.

Even if the game had a small issue that caused the high-end graphics card to be burned, the beta version of New World still saw more than 200,000 players flooding its servers. As for the rest of the top ten on Steam, The Ascent ranked third, Midgard Tribes ranked fourth, and Orcs Must Die 3 had to be ranked fifth. Ascent is also available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which means the total number of PC players may be much higher. Players will pay attention to Steam Level Up and Steam Level Boost.

Due to some recent discounts, Battlefield 1 and Hitman 2 have returned to the top ten, while Grand Theft Auto V dropped from sixth to seventh last week.
The first ten weeks of Steam will end on August 1st

New World (Pre-Order)
New World Deluxe (Pre-Order)
The Ascent
Tribes of Midgard
Orcs Must Die 3
Valve Index VR Kit
Grand Theft Auto V
Battlefield 1
Hitman 2 Gold Edition
Mini Motorways

Since the announcement of its plan to enter the game field, the performance of the new world has been Amazon's biggest success story. Other games did not succeed for various reasons, and the heat of the new world gave them hope. I believe it is also the key development target behind, and I believe that steam users will pay more and more attention to it.

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