The continuous launch of Aion Classic has made them a lot of money.

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An Aion Classic server went live in South Korea in November, and it clearly proved to be a success. Aion's revenue increased from 8.4 billion won in the third quarter to 18.8 billion won in the fourth quarter (when the server was launched) and 23.4 billion won in the first quarter of 2021. This is the highest quarterly revenue since the first quarter of 2013, so it makes sense for NCSoft to seek to replicate the success it has achieved elsewhere in the world. Then it went online in the North American market last month and joined a large number of players. Although I don't know the short-term financial report, it is not much worse than that.

Also, on August 4, the classic server of the NC Taiwan game Aion was launched, and various activities were launched simultaneously. Lead players to relive the feeling of stepping into Atrea for the first time. Aion Classic provides the content of version 1.2. In order to solve the inconvenience and balance problems that existed in the past, partial updates of version 2.7 have been applied. The classic server has 8 original professions, 10 copies, nostalgic copies, and BOSS. Fortress wars start regularly, and guardians can participate in the plan.

The classic server is a free server, and the guardian can log in to the game without paying to start the adventure. But in order to make the game experience more enjoyable and smooth, you can purchase "Prophet's Breath" as a backup to go further. Starting at 9 am, each account provides 1 hour of twelve interest every day for free. You can use the Twelve Breath coupons normally. Aion Classic Kinah is very important in the game. You can buy Aion Classic Kinah at or Aion Classic Gold.

After the launch of Aion Classic, a number of exciting activities were also launched. After the 8/4 maintenance ~ 9/1 before the maintenance, you can confirm various information such as levels, rewards, and tasks on the Guardian Pass interface. The Guardian Pass is divided into levels. You can complete designated tasks or consume eternal gems to upgrade your level and get general rewards. You can also use Eternal Gems to activate the pass and get better rewards.

The event time of the Abyss Rally is August 28 (Saturday) 21:00~22:30. The first fragment of Menotios appeared in the lower part of the abyss near the brimstone islands that guarded the abyss. You can get support items through the questionnaire. But each account is limited to one time. During the 8/4~8/17 event period, go to the official fan page to enjoy the "Classic Server OST" music video, complete the designated tasks and get the virtual treasure reward "Dignified Uniform", "Dignified Hat" and the physical award "Classical Teak Bluetooth Speaker". MMOSO provides secure sales of Aion Classic Kinah to protect your account security. Real players can polish online, so you can buy with confidence.