A few new games you might have missed on Steam recently

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About a dozen new games are released on Steam every day. This speed may be a good thing for everyone because there is no lack of freshness. But there will be a bit of a bad thing, that is, there are too many games, and players are blinded in the selection process. If you don't want this, you may need to classify the game. If there is nothing you like this week, I will recommend a few new games for you.

Farmer's Life was released on August 5. It is an agricultural simulation game, but you can immediately forget the comparison of Stardew Valley. This Early Access title takes an extremely dark view of agricultural life and pays unusual attention to the psychology of its protagonist, Kazimierz. Except for farming—seeding, feeding, harvesting, butchering—on land in an unspecified Eastern European country—Kazimierz is also an alcoholic. "After a busy day, you deserve a reward?" Read the Steam instructions. Early access will last up to 12 months, and FreeMind will add polish and more content.

CHR$(143) was released: August 5th. This is a sandbox puzzle game with Amstrad CPC 464 aesthetics, but it provides a lot of experimentation space in terms of physics and emphasizes automation, reminiscent of a factory for things you like. According to the Steam page: "You will learn to move in [the world], understand its physical characteristics, accumulate sufficient material inventory, build structures, machines, and vehicles, and design various types of power plants to meet your growing needs. Energy is needed, Sometimes you are even looking for an enemy that your destiny requires you to defeat in the fog of war." It seems that if the player likes it, you will be busy for a while.

Almost My Floor Release Date: ‌ August 7th. Almost My Floor is a horrible point-and-click adventure that follows two playable protagonists-Alex and Adam-to explores a mysterious building simply called "House 9". Alex seems to be the former resident of this house. From his point of view, "everything that lives in it exists between fiction and reality", and Adam is a detective, probably more rational about affairs the opinion of. This is a point-and-click game, and you can expect a balance of exploration and puzzle-solving, all of which are hidden in the sinister comic-style atmosphere. Steam has obviously become the first choice for many game manufacturers to choose to release games, which has also increased the number of Steam users, and it is also a mutual achievement. Steam users will choose it to act as a social platform, and then follow Steam Lvl Fast and Steam Level Booster.

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