The team of Aion Classic seems to be very interested in cats, which is reflected in the recent activities

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Aion Classic is back online, bringing the old players closer. The classic server has 8 original professions, 10 copies, nostalgic copies, and BOSS. Fortress wars start regularly, and guardians can participate in the plan. The Aion classics have been released in different time periods from Korea, North America, and then to Taiwan. What happens when the Aion classics bloom on all continents?

Aion Classic went live in South Korea in November and it clearly proved to be a success. Therefore, it makes sense for NCSoft to seek to replicate its success elsewhere in the world. Then it went live in the North American market last month and joined a large number of players. But now most of NCSoft's sales (about 2/3) come from South Korea, and North America and Europe only account for about 4.5% of the total.

Recently, Aion has another activity, but the activities and promotions are focused on furry little animals. The team seems to be fascinated by cats recently. This activity is a cat magician activity, in which players hatch cat eggs and begin to transform their cats through eight different evolutions until they become the great magician cats.

In order to evolve their cats, players need to obtain catnip ore from the monsters in the Inggison and Gelkmaros areas. Every time a cat evolves, there will be new daily tasks with rewards. You can also choose a one-time reward task to win more rewards for players. A complete reward chart is available on the Aion website.

Also, NCSoft is holding a Cat Transformation promotion. During this promotion until August 25th, players can choose to transform the cat nurse and cat doctor, both of which have their own set of buffs. Players can tie these two together. You can buy Aion Classic Gold at or Aion Classic Kinah.

After launching the Aion Classic, players must pay attention to their Kinah. Aion Classic Kinah is the currency circulating in the game, and it is also indispensable for you on the road to success. The more Kinah you have, the faster you become. Of course, the two are directly proportional. MMOSO provides secure sales of Aion Classic Kinah to protect your account security. Real players can polish it online, so you can buy with confidence.