The top ten most expensive items in Rocket League are listed below

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Since its initial release in 2014, Rocket League has generated hundreds of cosmetic items

Since its initial release in 2014, Rocket League has generated hundreds of cosmetic items. The fact that some of Rocket League's most attractive cosmetics have been discontinued and are now only available through trading means that they can fetch absurdly high prices on the secondary market for credits. 


This list will highlight the top ten most valuable items in Rocket League, as well as the reasons why they are so valuable. Using BakkesMod, you can preview these Rocket League items for yourself, and rocker league items are also available for purchase.

Each item on the list has a credit value next to it, with 1000 credits equaling approximately ten dollars in value. Please keep in mind that these are market estimates as of January 2021, and that prices may change at any time.

10. Titanium White Mainframe (approximately 15k)
Mainframe is one of the best decals in Rocket League, and it gives your car the appearance of a pulsating circuit board. Players also prefer the Titanium White color, which is the same as the color of the majority of items in the game.

9. A 16-karat gold nugget
The majority of Rocket League players do not use an antenna because they find it to be distracting while playing. The Gold Nugget, on the other hand, is an attenna that anyone would use if they had access to it. In 2014, this cheap Rocket League items was only available to Beta players, and it is now available to everyone. A rare antenna in the game, the Gold Nugget is extremely difficult to come by because only a small number of players took part in the beta.

8. Titanium White Octane (19k) 
The Octane is the most popular car in Rocket League, and it is also the car of choice for many professional players. Compared to the standard Octane, the Titanium White Octane has a different color scheme. This particular version of the Octane is currently unavailable through traditional means, so if you want to get your hands on one of these vehicles, you'll have to trade for it on the open market.

7. Dominus in Titanium White (23k)
The Dominus is the go-to vehicle for freestylers around the world. Because of the car's flat design, it is ideal for performing air dribbles and pulling off insane stunts. The Titanium White Dominus, like the Octane, can no longer be crafted, so you will have to purchase one off the shelf.

6. Apex Grey 22k is the sixth color
In order to obtain the Apex wheels, you must play in a Rocket League competitive match where you will receive random drops. To be eligible for one of these drops, you must be actively participating in the games on Twitch while also logged into your Rocket League account. These wheels have a similar appearance to the popular Titanium White wheels, and as a result, they command a high price on the market.

5. Black Deici - 24 Karat Gold
These black wheels go with just about any skin you can put on top of them. They are sleek and appear to be completely black from a distance.

4. Aperture: 70k in Titanium White Apex
These appear to be a little more vibrant than the Grey Apex. In addition, because the Apex wheels and Titanium White are so well-liked, they command a high price.

3. A gold cap of 100,000 dollars
The Gold Cap is the first Alpha item on this list, and it is the first free Rocket League items in the Alpha category. This item was only available to players who took part in the Alpha version of the game at the time of publication. As a result, these cheap Rocket League items are more scarce than beta items. However, due to the fact that the majority of players do not use Toppers, this alpha item can be obtained at a lower cost than the others.

2. A gold stone worth 400 thousand dollars
These golden wheels are a sought-after collectible that everyone wants to get their hands on as soon as possible. The golden design gleams in the sunlight and complements any car's exterior design perfectly.

1. Gold Rush (900,000)
Gold Rush is an alpha boost with a distinctive appearance as well as a distinctive sound. This boost is utilized by almost all Rocket League professionals, causing many esports viewers to be envious of anyone who is fortunate enough to possess this extremely rare item.

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