Predict the ratings of four Miami Heat players in NBA 2K22

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Letting Bam Adebayo take a break when needed is Dedmon's only purpose.

Dewayne Dedmon – 76

Dewayne Dedmon stood up for the Miami Heat when they needed a backup center last year and made this role to the utmost perfection. Because of his outstanding performance, they eventually changed his contract to two years.

Letting Bam Adebayo take a break when needed is Dedmon's only purpose. The overall improvement made him play a role with a total score of 75 last season, which seems fair to him.

PJ Tucker – 77

In this offseason, the Miami Heat signed a Cheap NBA 2K22 MT two-year contract with PJ Tucker. This year he may play the same key role in Miami as he did in last year's Milwaukee Bucks’ championship.

2K will improve his rating a little bit based on his outstanding performance in the playoffs. So a total score of 77 or so is fair to him.

Victor Oladipo – 78

Injuries have had a major impact on Victor Oladipo's career in the past few seasons, but at his best, his performance is much better than at this stage.

Oladipo can come back and perform well at the beginning of the season, then his rating will rise. Due to his injury, 78 points are also very correct for his score before going on the court.

Tyler Herro – 78

Even after struggling last season, Tyler Herro still had 2K22 MT a good performance. He may continue to grow in this role as the sixth man on the team this year.

His score in 2K21 is 78. Although 2K may lower his rating based on his playoff performance, it is more consistent for him to maintain 78 points.

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