Mystery Steam reviews video games about real games

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Compared with video games, some players prefer video games, so what is better than video games? That's the price of one video game for two video games. Let's talk about video games below.

For this week’s mysterious Steam review, someone chose three games that included other truly playable games. A good non-PC example is the Crash Bandicoot bit in Uncharted 4. If you like this, you might like this week’s PC Gaming Weekspot episode very much. Talked about the latest Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC, pleasant Route 96, and also a little Stringer "Knuckles" Bell.

I recommend you to take a look at last week’s Mystery Steam Reviews episode, which focuses on video games with romantic options. I conduct polls on the Rock Paper Shotgun YouTube channel every week, allowing you to choose topics for mysterious Steam comments. The theme for next week has been selected: a video game with the moon as the background/has a lunar level. If you missed the poll or visit YouTube infrequently, please leave a comment and let us know which series/genres/topics you would like to add to our MSR poll.

If you are not sure about the rules, you can check here. Both Colm and Matthew brought three Steam reviews for the MSR Arena (yes, the arena), but they omitted the name of the game for each review. Their opponent must correctly guess the name of the game, including any numbers or subtitles. However, there is some leeway for content such as "full version" or "final version". One correct answer = one point.

Although the two combatants have 90 seconds in each mysterious Steam comment, they also have the help of three lifelines. These can be used at any stage of the battle and pause the 90-second timer. Each lifeline can only be used once. Steam users will choose it to act as a social platform, and then follow Fast Steam Level Service and Steam Level Booster.

When Publisher is called, hot seat-haver knows the publisher of the game. When using Second Opinion, the person sitting in the hot chair will hear the second Steam review of the same game. And when Genre is activated, the type of game will be shown to those with warm butts.

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