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You need a hammer to enter this area, if you brought an elven Warhammer which works.

This OSRS guide to Bandos will cover all you must know to take on General Graardor. We also provide instructions on how to access the god wars dungeon and Solo/Duo PVM setups for Bandos.
As with every God Wars Dungeon boss, you need 40 kill count for entry into the boss's room. Kill count needs to be done on monster who serve Bandos such as goblins hobgoblins, ogres, and so on.
The most efficient way to get the kill count is taking out the goblins of level 12 that spawn in the north of the god wars dungeon.

Notice: You'll need a hammer once you reach 40 kills to get to the bandos area.
Boss Room Location
The north-western portion of the God Wars Dungeon is where you will find the boss room. You need a hammer to enter this area, if you brought an elven Warhammer which works. If you didn't bring a DWH, the goblins frequently drop the hammers.

Tips: Drop a glass of brew to grab the hammer. Next, use your Hammer to smash the door to open. Drop another brew in here and then return to the main part of the dungeon to take the dropped item. Make use of the hammer to open the door once more, then drop it and pick your drink back up.
Fighting Bandos - Duo Guide
Tank Role
Overhead prayer: Protect yourself from Melee
The tank has the hardest role. The tank must take on all of General Graardor's hits. Bandos always targets the first person that he encounters in the room , so you want to make sure that the tank is positioned near the Graardor spawn and the attacking roles should be positioned in the north-western part of the room (next to the altar).

Strategie: Walk Under
The tank must employ the "walk under" strategy to fight bandos. This strategy is also applied by the tank at the 3rd phase of Verzik. In essence, the tank will walk under General Graardor following every two whip strikes. Doing this will limit Bandos' hits and reduce the amount of food over the long haul.

Attacker Role
Overhead Prayer: Guard against the range of
The attacker's role must wait until the tank is ready to attack the General first before launching his own attack. Avoid Bandos's spawning point.

Vengeance Other
Vengeance Other Runes are a fantastic method to speed up the killing process. Keep the rune in your pouch, and you can use it each 30 seconds in the tank.

When general Graardor is killed, the attacker and tank roles want to use protect from Magic and then attack the magical "Seargen Steelwill" minion first. Once downed, players should quickly change prayers to protect from Ranged and switch over to Guthan's to heal on the two remaining minions.
Bandos Solo Guide
Bandos Solo Gear
When soloing General Graardor, you become both the tank and the DPS. You should optimize your gear for both.

Bandos Solo Inventory
Solo players are advised to bring an anglerfish instead of Saradomin beers as continuously making them will lead to lots of DPS loss. You can bring only one or two brews as a combo food.

Bandos Solo Fight
Overhead Prayer: Protect from Melee
If you're an Ironman, you'll have to take on solo Bandos. When you solo Bandos you should use the identical "walk under" strategy as the tank does in a duo/trio fight. This means you walk under General Graardor at the end of every 2 whip hits to reduce the amount of damage that you suffer from the boss.

It's not necessary to bring Guthan's solo, but instead you can defeat the minions quickly with an abyssal tentacle or the rapier.

We hope that this OSRS Bandos Guide has helped you prepare to face General Graardor. Make sure you have your god items (zamorak/bandos) in order to ensure your minions won't be able to attack you when entering the godwars zone. If it's your first time, you need to bring an appropriate rope to get down into the dungeon.