I have now every room exactly as I would like them

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It was like a rat maze, trying to find one of RuneScape Gold the rooms since I wasn't thinking too much about placement when I first began creating my POH. I ended up cleaning out all my spaces and creating this template that would help me to recreate the spaces. I have now every room exactly as I would like them, in a very efficient design.

It is a template that allows you to determine the exact number of doors each room in the construction skill. If you can visualize the layout on paper or your computer screen, it will be easier to design an eye-pleasing design for your POH.

This file can be downloaded. It can be opened within Windows Paint or another comparable program to edit it on your computer. Printing it off on your computer, cutting apart the squares and manipulating them by hand is another option (I did that since I'm an old-fashioned gal:( , it was simpler for me to see it that way). Keep in mind that you could be in more than one of the rooms, and you might require cutting and pasting (or print) more copies of some rooms to achieve the desired effect.

I am still at the level 50 of construction so I don't have an Dungeon. If I have made a mistake in the location of the doors in the two doors in the dungeon, please inform me. I wasn't sure whether they were next to or across one another.

For example, here is the design I created for the first second floors of my home I wanted to show all the Chapels. But, my favorite being Guthix, his chapel is on the second floor of my "Royal Suite". This leaves me with four rooms to build the construction of Buy OSRS Accounts a Dungeon (if ever I desire one) I don't want to build one. Perhaps I'll reconsider in the future however this is the plan I invision as my RS "dream home" right now.