It has helped him in becoming a gifted pianist

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When Kaczrowski spoke about his childhood, he rubbed the soft, fuzzy red sock that complimented his silky white athletic attire. When he was a kid his parents would make him wear wool sweaters to OSRS Items church. "It was like a million threads poking my skin," he said. He now prefers soft socks to athletic suits over buttoned up cotton shirts or jeans.

Kaczrowski attended Marshall high school in which the basketball team played. However, he said that he was not able to participate in games due to the fact that the noises he hear so clear. He says his sensitivity to noise has been a curse, but it is also an advantage. It has helped him in becoming a gifted pianist. He began to play at the church as a child and in choirs when he was just 6 years old.

Kaczrowski believes that he is able to play the piano because of his keen hearing. After hearing music for the first time, he learns it quickly and emulates other players by using his ability to listen. He replied, "You cannot turn it off, however."

While he was a student at St. John's University, Collegeville, he found it difficult to complete the daily tasks that college students face. He had trouble reading due to the fact that he couldn't focus long enough to turn the pages over and over."I got through college listening to my professors speak," he said, explaining that he remembered information more effectively when he heard it rather than reading it.

Kaczrowski maintained a love for music all through his entire life. He laughed when he explained that he was the only person who didn't major in music to gain access to Buy RS3 Gold rooms. "I wanted keys to play grand pianos and they gave me keys." Kaczrowski overcame his issues in reading and graduated in 1997 from St. John's with a degree of psychology.