Advice on obtaining permanent residence in Germany

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For information about staying in Germany through a startup, investing and registering a business in Germany, visit our website and find the best solutions for yourself from our experienced consultants.

Germany is one of the most important countries in terms of investment, Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the fifth largest economy in the world. Germany has a very strong workforce, which is probably important for those who have not yet decided which country to immigrate to. Get it. General methods of obtaining German residency: Residence in Germany through study Residence and living in Germany through marriage German residency Obtaining German residency through investment Obtaining German residency through entrepreneurship, establishing a company or branch in Germany Wise Business Group team Among these methods The only ways to invest in Germany are to stay in Germany through entrepreneurship, start a company or a branch in Germany, start a startup in Germany, and finally find a job in Germany. Germany Residence and entrepreneurship in Germany and is completely proficient in legal matters related to business, contact اقامت المان to be by your side in all stages