Wide Application of IQF Freezing Technology

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Freezing technology can be used for the new processing and active preservation of Chinese herbal medicines.

1. Processing and preservation of Chinese herbal medicines. IQF Freezing technology can be used for the new processing and active preservation of Chinese herbal medicines.

2.Modern Chinese medicine preparations. ①Chinese medicine liposomes and nanoparticles. Liquid liposome is a kind of suspension emulsion, which is unstable in nature, prone to coagulation and fusion, and causes leakage of its encapsulated drugs. Liposomes can only be stored for a few weeks in a liquid state, limiting application. The IQF Freezing technology further expands the advantages of liposome and the like as a drug carrier, and can be separately prepared and stored, which can prolong the action time of the drug, reduce its toxic side effects, and improve bioavailability. ② Chinese medicine freeze-dried powder needle. The traditional Chinese medicine compound for injection or the lyophilized powder needle prepared by one side is superior to the conventional injection solution in terms of moldability and water solubility, and the stability of the freeze-dried powder needle is also greatly improved. ③Chinese medicine oral tablets. Freeze-drying can also be used for the preparation of oral tablets for traditional Chinese medicine.

3.Western medicine preparations. ① Western medicine liposome. The IQF Freezing technology of western medicine preparations is relatively mature. At present, the larger pharmaceutical factories in China have freeze-drying equipment. Many dosage forms (injections, oral preparations, eye drops, etc.) have adopted the IQF Freezing process to improve the quality and shelf life of the medicines. Such as clarithromycin, mifepristone, retinoic acid and so on. 2 Western medicine freeze-dried powder needle. Western medicine is made into freeze-dried powder needle, which can be used for long-term storage; easy to achieve sterility operation; accurate; rehydration performance, such as propyl sulfoxide, amoxicillin sodium, etc.

4. Biological drugs. Due to the unstable chemical and physical properties of most biopharmaceuticals, IQF Freezing has been proved to be a very effective means by the vacuum technology network (www.chvacuum.com). IQF Freezing is carried out at low temperature and in a high vacuum state, so it is especially suitable for many heat-sensitive substances; the dried material is loose and porous, and dissolves quickly and completely; the IQF Freezing product is thoroughly dehydrated, and can be vacuum or nitrogen-filled and protected from light with long shelf life.

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