Why Washer Motor Is Burned

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The power of the washer motor is based on the rated washing capacity of the washing machine and the efficiency of the motor

1, Too heavy load :

The power of the washer motor is based on the rated washing capacity of the washing machine and the efficiency of the motor, and leaves room for it. However, when the weight of the washed dry clothes exceeds the rated amount, the load of the washer motor increases, the temperature rises, and finally the motor windings burn out. In addition, long-term overflow (above the high water level) may also cause the washer motor to overload and burn the windings.

2, severely damp:

The washer motor, whether it is the main and auxiliary windings of the motor for washing or dewatering, is insulated and immersed according to the process requirements. Before the washing machine is delivered, it must pass the insulation performance test, and the product is put into the market after the inspection. Said insulation performance is reliable. However, it cannot be ignored that the washing machine often deals with water. If it is in a humid environment for a long time, or due to improper use and maintenance, the insulation performance of the motor will be degraded due to severe moisture, causing short circuit between winding turns and increasing current. An abnormally high temperature is generated, causing the winding to burn out.

3. Forced stop:

If the pulsator is caught by the clothes, the parts are rusted or the motor is forcibly operated due to other reasons, the motor is in the starting state for a long time, and the winding current will eventually burn out.

Method for preventing burning of Washer NanYang Motor

1. weight of dry clothes

Do not exceed the rated capacity of the washing machine.

2, during operation

If the pulsator rotation is slowed down and the number of times the clothes are turned is reduced, some clothes should be taken out to reduce the load and return the pulsator speed to normal.

3. During the washing process

If an abnormal sound occurs, the power should be cut off in time to check the cause, and the abnormal sound should be eliminated before use.

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