Who can lead the bench to continue to exert force during Jordan's break

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As the well-deserved god of basketball, Michael Jordan’s strength is beyond doubt. So far, no player has achieved what he had set in a series of playoffs. In addition, in his entire NBA career, ten scoring champions and a 100% finals win rate are unprecedented. That’s why the goals say that Michael Jordan on the basketball court is invincible. Neither the desire to win nor the individual ability can match. 2K players must pay an enormous amount of NBA 2K21 MT to get him.

Most of his teammates on the same team do not have his personal strength, except for Scott Pippen and Dennis Rodman. So if players want to buy Michael Jordan, they must consider they should send which player to lead the team when the coach suspends the game to let Jordan take a break. This player must have good field observation and overall outlook, moral strength, and a very stable mentality. So who can take on this colossal task?

Choosing Kawhi Leonard as the leader of the second team is a wise choice. He has the same playing style as MJ, stable shooting ability and strong defensive ability. He has also proved his excellent scoring ability at many critical moments. And after he left the San Antonio Spurs and switched to the Toronto Raptors, he led the team to win the championship trophy that year. In short, if players buy him, they will not be disappointed.

There are also many players with powerful strength and leadership style for players to choose from, such as Jimmy Butler or let Kevin Durant go to singles to score or organize defense waiting. Perhaps the only thing that is not friendly to players is that it sells these players at high prices in the NBA 2K21 auction house. Players had better Buy MT at GameMS first and then come back to buy these players, which is definitely the best practice.