Desire A Hardcore Eve Experience

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I wish I could play with this game in between real life than just taking away from it or the other games that I love. I need it to be another EVE Echoes Items game I really like and not the single game I love.Yup. I awakened on Omega so I'll likely fart around lightly for a while seeing how it works out for a few more weeks then uninstall if nothing is done.

I concur. I believe there has to be a differentiation between both platforms. EO and EE should possess some differences due to the fact that EE is performed on mobile devices. It appears there are several EO concepts that are implemented in EE which make it less portable friendly. But they ought to be tweaked if this is supposed to be a cellular game. I really don't think us cellular players are requesting for an authentic, honest, dedicated EO encounter but on our phones. I think we are saying it is okay if we aren't getting the true EO experience since we know we are on mobile. If we desired to actual thing we'd be enjoying EO on PC, but we're not. We are here for a mobile-minded variant of Eve, not a EO port to cellular.

The UI right now isn't portable friendly at all. It is fiddly and often times badly laid out.Hell consider the chat. It's garbage.Playing EE in an emulator? Solves almost all the UI problems since it's bigger and also a mouse makes it so much simpler to click on nice details.Bottom line, it is a portable game and has to be geared towards this environment and those Cheap EVE Mobile ISK players. Mobile games shouldn't have to be baby sat or call for a lot of effort to do small things like refresh marketplace windows. They have a lot of work to perform.