Secret ingredients and item updates for Animal Crossing Turkey Day

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The Animal Crossing Turkey Day event was fully launched on November 26th yesterday, with its own special content.

Fans of Nintendo Switch may not have to download the new major update, but there is definitely a lot to watch this week. Turkday Day is just the latest seasonal event to win the popular Switch championship, and other holiday gifts are also lining up.

On Turkey Day, which was held on November 26th yesterday, the top chef Franklin will arrive at the square and hold a party. You can help Franklin collect the Nook Miles Ticket ingredients for the dishes that will be placed in the square, and you can even receive gifts from Franklin to thank you for helping him cook. Therefore, to participate in all available "Turkish Day" adventure activities, you need to go to the square located outside the "Resident Service".

Franklin is not specially prepared for Turkish Day, otherwise, you will not need to find all the ingredients for the main course, including clams, soup, pumpkin pie, gratin and fish. After you help complete these tasks, you will also have the opportunity to add your own secret ingredient of "Animal Crossing Turkey Day". This means talking to Franklin after the correct dish is cooked, and you have secret ingredients in your inventory. This will upgrade the dishes, and by improving all four dishes, you can claim special rewards.

If you can't do it yourself, the villagers can help you find what you need, and these people will stay at home. This will mean trading items, if you can’t find the normal raw materials yourself, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Turkish Day secret ingredients

CLAM CHOWDER: The secret ingredient of the clam chowder upgrade is scallops, which can be found when diving into marine life.

The reward can include any number of Turkish Day items, or a comfortable Turkish Day DIY recipe collection.

PUMPKIN PIE: The two secret ingredients of pumpkin pie are pumpkin colors that Franklin doesn't require. It will depend on the content requested, which may be orange, green, white or yellow.

GRATIN: The secret ingredient Franklin needs is Dungeness Crab, which can be found while diving around your island. If you can't find it, you can try to get another one from the villagers.

MEUNIèRE: The secret ingredient Franklin needs is Barned Knifejaw, which can be captured by fishing or trading on the island.

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