Some knowledge about Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day

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After winter, Turkey Day finally appeared in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and new events were recently added in November and December. By participating in the competition to get many limited time items as rewards, players need to do a lot of meals and do some preparations. Players finally have something to do, no longer boring.

On November 26th, players who logged into the game discovered that Franklin, the special character of Turkey Day, arrived at New Horizons for the first time and started a brand new event. He appeared here to celebrate Turkey Day and held a large feast to commemorate Thanksgiving. Veteran players of the Animal Crossing game may better understand this event in the "Harvest Festival".

On that day, players from both the Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket northern and southern hemispheres can participate in the "Turkey Day" event, from 9 am to midnight. The event only lasted one day. Although the event has ended, the biggest advantage is that there are other ways to get time-limited items after the event.

Franklin was established at 9 am on November 26 in the residents' service front yard. He will prepare four different dishes for the residents of the island. The player will help him by transporting the necessary ingredients from around the island. To start the event, just approach Franklin. He will ask you to help determine the specific ingredients needed for each dish. After you collect them and give them to Franklin, he can start cooking. This will grant you a Turkish Day gift in the new limited-time furniture set. The main goal is to repeat this process for all four dishes, thereby releasing new rewards in the process.

To make things more interesting, Franklin will ask for secret ingredients after completing each dish to add extra sparks. Provide him with the right ingredients to unlock more Turkish festival foods. In addition, the villagers will help you figure out the secret ingredients during the event. This event is relatively interesting. The advantage is that after the event, players still have a way to get time-limited items.

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